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Deb Marinos MS, CRC
Disability Network and Resource Facilitator.
Specializing in visual and hearing losses

Services Offered:

Providing support for organizations and individuals for effective resolution to barriers encountered through systems or disability. 
Providing interactive training and continuing education for professionals, employers and service providers in creating comfortable environments at work, clinics, stores,  government offices and non profit agencies. 
Provide a network for disability specific training or assessments for technology or barrier removal for work sites. 
Providing case management to Build hope for those with dual sensory losses that work or have worked.
Provide expert advice as Employer advocate and adviser.
Locate and provide Resources and information.
Blindness need not be a barrier.
Hearing loss has solutions.
Gaining the education needed for comfort and effective interactions with consumers, coworkers, and bosses
IS EASY and often cheaper than the alternative!

Deb Marinos
Salem, OR 97302

2017 Deb Marinos Disability Network