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Adaptability for Life, LLC  P.O. Box 415, Woodburn, Oregon 97071
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Need a Specialist - Expert Disability Consultant?
Providing Creative Strategies on a contract basis for
Communication & Employment Tasks for people with disabilities and their employers or family.

Adaptability for Life, LLC                                                                                                  Deborah Marinos, MS, CRC - Intern
Deb Marinos, MS Certified Rehabilitation Counselor- Intern

Specializing In:
Vision and hearing loss adaptation.
Workplace assessments - onsite or remote.
Referrals to disability resource networks.
Guidance for options for employment for college or trade school bound persons with visible disabilities and accommodation needs.
Communication Strategies for peers of a worker that is deafblind with some degree of hearing loss and legal blindness, including those progressive losses.
Assistive Technology Ideas.
Engaging, Interactive Classes for Professionals.

Adaptability for Life Services Specialize In:
Communication Strategies for deafblind (especially when ASL is not a primary language) and those progressively losing vision or/and hearing.
Multiple disabilities, including mobility, fatigue, chronic pain, eye fatigue, physical, mental and emotional challenges in the workplace.
Integrating the person’s skills, interest and job requirements with the available technology, length of time needed to learn to use, and possible accommodations without lengthy qualification and discovery process.
Helping workers adjust to new environments and organizational needs.
Providing emotional support for change and needs assessment – requests.
Private, confidential support and expertise for employers or agency managers who want to provide appropriate accommodations to employees with new challenges due to disabilities.

Gaining the education needed for comfort and effective interactions with consumers, coworkers, and bosses
IS EASY and often cheaper than the alternative!

Deb Marinos

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